Special Offers Module 

Weblet enables your business to manage a wide variety of special offers.
Increase your sales!
The app supports the following procedures:
Management station at company’s headquarters
  • Creating different categories, items, varieties, and clients
  • Defining and creating special offers
  • Presenting current active special offers
  • Updating and removing special offers
  • Supporting various special offers for different customers
  • Prioritizing special offers
  • Validity of special offers by dates, days of the week, and hours of the day
  • Syncing data with ERP system

Tablet / Smartphone

  • Presenting the client with current special offers to promote sales
  • Choosing a free gift item or discounted item from a variety of options given to the client  
  • Supplying constant information about the company’s special offers 
  • Taking orders while considering special offers
  • Clients’ search by special offers
Different Special Offers
  • Buy-Get
  • Buy-Add-Get
  • Comprehensive quantity offer
  • Comprehensive price offer
  • Detailed quantity offer
  • Detailed price offer
  • Special offer for similar items
  • Supporting special offer leveling
  • Supporting maximum use of overlapping special offers
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