POD Driver Module 

WEBLET App for  P.O.D (Proof of delivery)
The WEBLET application enables the organization to manage and control the process of product deliveries and signing the receiver on the tablet/ smartphone, thus guaranteeing the correctness of the items delivered to the customer.
Management Station at Company Headquarters
Bill of lading (delivery note) and invoices requiring action
Driver scheduling
Tracking bill of lading (delivery note) and invoices
Priority management
Notification system
Report production
Concentrating activity times for the driver 
Sending email and SMS

Driver Field Station on Tablet/ Smartphone
Receiving bill of lading (delivery note) and invoices requiring action
Work schedule
Sorting supplies by current arrival time, destination, address and more
Viewing customer info
Loading products for delivery
Navigating to the customer’s home
Unloading/ returning
Reason for no-supply
Signing the customer and execution report
Inventory management and supporting barcode scanning
Transferring signed certificate to company headquarters
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