Workforce Scheduling Module

The scheduling module enables to plan the work schedule for drivers, technicians and service providers, shorten work duration, minimize supply costs, make processes more effieicnt, cutting travel expenses, and at the same time improve customer service while meeting the agreed SLA.
The WEBLET application enables optimal planning of the work schedule , change scheduling easily by dragging a task box between drivers, change supply times, view supply status and more.
The scheduling is updated in real-time on the scheduling log at the company headquarters as well as the field service employee’s tablet/ smartphone.

Management Station at the Company Headquarters
  • Creating work schedules and tasks / receiving them on the interface from the ERP
  • Priority management
  • Return options – daily/ weekly/ monthly
  • Viewing today’s work schedule – what was performed on time, what was performed late and what hasn’t been performed yet
  • Viewing future work schedules 
  • Summarizing table per agent
  • List of all supplies awaiting scheduling in a table with fields for selection
  • Calendar to select the desired day
  • Table with a column for each driver/ technician
  • Displaying supplies and tasks in different colors according to supply status
  • Dragging supplies awaiting scheduling for driver and time range
  • Dragging supply box between drivers
  • Table of late supplies
  • Option for comprehensive scheduling for a large number of supplies
Time table
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Field Station for the Sales Agent
  • Designated work schedule screen
  • Displaying today’s work schedule 
  • Viewing future work schedules
  • Reporting a reason for no sale
  • Dragging work schedule of tasks not performed to the following day
  • Fast and easy work schedule search
  • Sorting arrangement list by any parameter of your choice
  • Displaying current distance and time per arrangement by Waze