Order picking -Gathering Module

Managing collection of ordered items from storage via iPad and Android
Weblet application enables the company to manage and supervise the process of collecting items in storage, and thus increasing efficiency and minimizing possible errors. This module receives orders and transforms them to delivery certificates. The delivery certificate can have two quantity columns: ordered and collected.
item collecting
The app supports the following procedures using tablet or smart phone
  • Receiving orders on ERP interface or from Weblet
  • Presenting orders to collect
  • Choosing order to collect
  • Transforming order to delivery certificate 
  • Items collecting and logging collected/delivered quantity
  • Identifying merchandise and supporting barcode screening
  • Presenting two quantity columns on the delivery certificate: ordered / collected
  • Writing comments for each item 
  • Photos of items
  • Signature of storage worker at the end of collecting process
  • Transmitting collected delivery certificate to management station and ERP
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You can make the storage work and item collecting more efficient with Weblet app.