Technicians and Service Module 

your on-site technical staff via iPad or Android Tablets 
The WEBLET application enables the organization to manage service and technicians, improve service and make it more effective, and to increase your customers’ satisfaction.
With Weblet , your technicians will receive their work schedule, service and dispatch calls etc., straight to their mobile phone.
This way, your field personnel will be able to receive service routes in a simple and easy fashion. Weblet also provides history of both clients and equipment in service, so every relevant piece of information is within reach by the field technician, allowing them to perform optimally.
Once a job is finished, update information is delivered in real-time to the company's ERP. The company's managerial level is able to view the changes as they occur and keep a close eye on field performance using Weblet's management module ("manager stations"). It supplies information and goal vs. performance comparison.
The tehcnician module is intended to be used by field technicians and service managers, and supports all stages of treatment from the call to service, through the technician scheduling, and up to providing the customer with fast and effective service to his satisfaction. Service is provided by mobile workforce equipped with a tablet/ smartphone, which displays the work schedule and a list of calls for the technicians’ convenience. The treatment results are transferred to the company headquarters and the ERP. The company management can view the field at any time via the application’s website.
Weblet app, offering technicians teams a GPS module which maxinmizes the officiency of the driving route. The system utilizes various tablet features such as the camera, barcode scanning, e-signature and more. A rich detailed catalogue of the company's products is included and can be presented to the client instantly, and it also has a built-in BI report generator.

Weblet aplication is hybrid, working both online and offline. It is capable of providing the information required to the field technician even in areas that lack internet access, and display it on the tablet screen, thus preserving the proper conditions to get the job done. Utilizing cloud platforms deems the service dispatch management application effective and economic. 

Furthermore, Weblet system is a cross-platform operating over all mobile (iOs, Android etc.) operating systems and also on desktop platforms.
Weblet service app

Controllers Module 

Weblet Mobile system offers your organization a wide variety of field  control and validation tools, thus increasing effectiveness of inspections and safety of products that undergo inspection. The control module is designed for control operations conducted by field personnel, using a tablet or a smartphone. control reports are transmitted to company server. The controllers can view their workplan in their tablet, and follow on-screen instructions, making their work much easier. using the system's website, managerial users can keep a close eye over field activity. Read more about the Controller Module.

Manager work station at the Company Headquarters
  • Setting up entitites: categories / items / products and devices / catalogues / clients / infrastructure information.
  • Supporting adding calls, changing schedulings and setting execution priorities
  • Mechanism of preventive treatment and controls at fixed dates
  • Creating and configuring various tests and inspection walkthroughs for various items, devices and systems.
  • Creating and configuring expected reports of field test results per item.
  • Selection and design of test forms.
  • Assigning test forms to clients. 
  • Setting up annual client visit plans. 
  • Reception of filled test forms from field tests that can be printed out.
  • Interfacing with ERP to receive infrastructure data, service calls and schedulings
  • Management screen displaying the status of all calls: call status, location, start, end, SLA, finished, lab etc.
  • Supporting adding calls, changing schedulings and setting execution priorities
  • Mechanism of preventive treatment and controls at fixed dates
  • Displaying technician location on GPS at time, including history 
  • Sending and receiving notifications from the system
  • Supporting initiating service calls by your customers on the service website
  • Wide range of service department reports

Field Station (Tablet /Smartphone) Features
  • Displaying the technician’s work schedule
  • Sorting calls by current arrival time, distance, address and more
  • Displaying open calls
  • Displaying item/ line history
  • Arriving at the customer, viewing agreement terms, performing treatment and taking notes
  • Option to add items and treatment working hours (paid or free)
  • Supporting a wide range of service forms at service and customer level
  • Supporting initiating field service calls
  • Management of technician vehicle inventory including loading and unloading
  • Option of photographing on site and attaching photo to the treatment
  • Signing the customer on the treatment result
  • Option for the technician to charge and collect money
  • Transferring the treatment form to the company headquarters and ERP
  • Sending call summary to the customer as PDF by email
  • Work schedule by clients.
  • Selection of items for inspection.
  • Presenting history of items under inspection.
  • Viewing test results and expected results.
  • Designation of test as Passed/Failed/Not performed.
  • Taking notes on tests when needed.
  • Sending and receiving system messages
Weblet application is the natural choice for any business with field service operations. Its service call management module, 
Innovative approach and compatibility with all mobile devices, all make Weblet the ideal solution for field personnel management. 
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Implementing Weblet software will optimize your operation and service call management. The software is customizable and made to fit the needs of your first hand service providers.