Why TMS?

Improving efficiency  across all delivery processes
  • Cost savings in logistics
  • Reductions in time and shipping costs
  • Decreased administrative manpower expenses
  • Meeting customer demands effectively
  • Enhancing delivery times
  • Lowering transportation expenses
  • Boosting profitability
  • Elevating employee productivity
  • Enhancing customer service quality
  • Monitoring and controlling on-site activities
  • Establishing your company as innovative and advanced
AI-based distribution planning and management appl

If you're seeking advanced and innovative software for AI-based distribution planning and management, you've found the right solution! WEBLET's APP is the cutting-edge TMS system based on AI. 
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AI-based distribution planning and management application

WEBLET AI-Based TMS System for Supply Chain Management and Improvement

WEBLET's TMS offers a modern and flexible TMS system designed to enhance the entire supply chain.
Organizations can manage, plan, optimize, and control the supply chain using WEBLET's TMS system, which incorporates AI-based optimization. 
The system facilitates distribution route planning and documentation, including proof of delivery (POD), through an innovative application, ensuring accurate delivery monitoring for customers.

AI-Based TMS System 

System Components
  • The system features optimization for distribution route planning and accommodates various parameters for customer selection.
  • An advanced management station oversees the entire delivery process, including monitoring delivery status, assigning drivers, tracking performance, providing comparisons, displaying dashboards, tracking vehicle and driver locations, implementing hierarchical approval mechanisms, sending SMS notifications, and more.
  • Additionally, a field station caters to POD drivers, allowing them to view delivery lists and tasks, retrieve documents quickly and easily, sort deliveries and tasks by current time and distance, visualize all customers on a map, conduct scanning activities, receive status updates, provide digital signatures, secure bolting, and more.